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    Serene (adj.)
  1. Unaffected by disturbance; calm and unruffled.
  2. Unclouded; fair.
  3. Peaceful or tranquil; calm.
  4. Clear or bright.


There is a deep serenity that pours out through creativity - it is both inspiring and replenishing. To create is to share a part of your heart with those around you in a beautiful reflection of yourself.

I work from home and love to design and create. My focuses are art (watercolor, acrylic, pencil, digital), photography, and crafting jewelry. I would love to branch out into sewing and knitting.

This is the start of a new chapter in my life, both personally and creatively, and I hope that I will not allow complacency or the normalcy of everyday life to creep in and steal the excitement of a new journey. Rather, I want to seek out those moments where my heart can find its serenity and perhaps I can share that solace with you, where ever it is that you may find yourself.

My goals are to expand this website - design the layout and start expressing exactly what heart serenity is. Check back soon and hopefully there will be something new here! Till we meet again, take care.

"Remember to cherish the moments of your life, whether significant or subtle. They will exist but once, then pass as a shadow into memory; still never lost, nor held too tightly - lest we miss the journey's next bend."

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

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