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  1. Secretly Blooming


Secretly Blooming

This is a digital painting which I started a number of years ago and unfortunately have not completely as of yet. I loved the orginal photo taken by Yoshiko314 on Flickr and I wanted to take a stab at painting it. If I can find the photo in her photostream, I will link to it directly. I hope to resume work on my painting in the near future and should have some progress pictures to post very soon!

If you are wondering what a digital painting actually is - it is a painting done entirely on the computer. Not to be confused with photo manipulation (which is opening a photo file and altering it) - digital painting is done from scratch with a blank canvas, much like traditional painting. The tools do differ, however. Instead of paper/canvas and a paint brush, a digital artist uses a program like Adobe Photoshop and a set of brush tools - which can be adjusted for thickness, opacity, and sensitivity. In addition, an art tablet and pen (from Wacom, as an example) are used as the input device to paint the brush strokes. It may sound very complicated, but basically, the effort and method are the equivalent of traditional painting.

For futher reading on digital painting, feel free to check out the wikipedia article. Also, here is a google image search for "digital painting" in case you would like to see examples of the great talent of some digital artists out there.

Secretly Blooming

My progress on my digital painting of Yoshiko314's photo

Secretly Blooming

Yoshiko314's photo

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